Whether entertaining or relaxing, our clients have music and video wherever it is needed. Listen to CDs, IPod’s and even music servers that store all of your music in one component. Out by the pool, in the game room. Music adds a whole new dimension to our lives and Digital Home Life can create a whole home audio system that’s right for you. Whether you want the same audio/video source playing in a few rooms or would like to have multiple rooms with multiple sources concurrently, we can design and install it. Indoors and out, we integrate your music and video as a part of the total home system.

What is Distributed A/V Systems?

Multi-Zone capability is a function in which the Receiver can send a second source signal to speakers or a separate audio system in another location. This is not the same as connecting additional speakers and placing them in another room.

The Multi-Zone function allows a Home Theater Receiver to control either the same, or a separate, source than the one being listened to in the main room, in another location. For example, the user can be watching a Blu-ray Disc or DVD in the main room, while someone else can listen to a CD in another, at the same time. Both the Blu-ray or DVD player and CD player are controlled by the same Receiver.

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